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What is a binding estimate?

A binding estimate is a contract that specifies, in advance, the precise cost of the move based on the services requested or deemed necessary at the time of the estimate. If additional services are requested or required at either origin or destination, the total cost will increase. Ask your professional estimator if unplanned events are charged COD to you. Unplanned events can include delivery obstructions such as the truck being unable to get close to the house because of power lines or low hanging branches, elevator, or excessive flights of stairs. It is important that you understand this in advance, as you will be asked to pay the difference, often at time of delivery.

What is a non-binding estimate?

A non-binding estimate charges you according to the actual weight of your shipment and the actual cost of the services that are performed. You will still go though the estimating process to determine what your shipment may cost. To verify the weight of your shipment, the mover will weigh prior to loading your shipment. All other charges will be calculated at your origin address. If there are any additional charges that are incurred during the delivery process, the mover will provide you with the an additional cost. This is a rare event, but it may occur.

How is the cost of my shipment calculated?

This depends on the goods you have and the services you ask for.

How should I pay and what are the payment methods?

This is normally decided between you and the mover. If the method of payment is not established prior to load day, it can cause you problems on delivery day.

What is an order for service?

This is the authorisation given to a mover to execute the packing job.

Bill of Lading

This is the shipping document which has the details about yours goods such as container no., vessel no., port of arrival and departure.


It is detailed inventory of packed house-hold goods.