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Moving to Kolkata

Planning to relocate to Kolkata? If so, you are probably going to need a company that specializes in International Relocation services before you make your mind on what to pack and what not, packing and moving, home search, immigration services, FRRO registration and even City Orientation.

PM Relocations can assist you to plan your international move and make the best out of your move to Kolkata. You can request for a free quote online as per your requirement.

General Information :

It is interesting to explore the origin & history of kolkata, the capital of British India. Calcutta history is not that old as that of Kolkata. Calcutta, the city of joy was established in the year 1686, as a result of the expansion plans of the British Raj. It was during those times that European powers were heading their way towards capturing the small villages of Sutanati, Govindpur, and Kalikata. Calcutta derived its name from the last of the village settlements of kalikata. Read on to know the brief history of Calcutta India.

The end of battle witnessed the establishment of Supreme Court in 1774, making Calcutta as the base of justice. Battle of Plassey saw the drain of wealth, which strained the Bengal's economy. The period between 1820 and 1930 saw the growing of seeds of nationalism that reached its height in 1905, when people stood against Lord Curzon's plan regarding the partition of Bengal. Rabindranath Tagore led the nationalist anti partition movements. The Partition was repealed in 1911, followed by the shifting of capital of India from Calcutta to New Kolkata. In 2001, Calcutta was officially renamed Kolkata.

  • Area
  • Altitude
  • Geographical Location

  • Population
  • Population Density
  • Official Language
  • Literacy Rate
  • Average annual Rainfall
  • 1480 sq. km
  • 9m from sea level
  • Latitude- 22° 33' N
  • Longitude- 88° 30'E
  • 45, 80,544 (2001 Census)
  • 24,760/ sq. km
  • Bengali
  • 81.31%
  • 1605mm

Climate :

The climate of Kolkata is a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical with not much variation between summer and winter temperatures and precipitation as it is closer to the coastal region of India. Summers are long and the weather is extremely hot from early April to mid-October, with the monsoon season in between. Winter starts in end of November and till end of January. Although in winters it becomes pleasant for you to stay in Kolkata.

Summer - Max.42°C, Min.24°C

Winter - Max.26°C, Min.8°C

Monsoon - Max 30°C, Min 20°C

International Schools & Pre Schools :

We face a very tough time in deciding a good school for our kinds in new city. PM Relocations can assist you finding a suitable school for your kids. With so many choices Kolkata has lots of good and reputed schools and colleges with excellent facilities and groomed teachers. School sessions begin in April in India. There are different school like the missionary school, and the non missionary school. There are approx Five Universities in Kolkata which provide excellent education in the field of Commerce, Science and Literature .We can introduce you the facilities available in Kolkata but a kids has to undergo an interview and in case written examinations as well. For more details, you may write to us at info@pmrelocations.com

Immigration :

You will need a visa to enter and stay in India and the nature of that visa must suit your pursuits here. There is no provision of 'Visa on Arrival' in India and no fee is charged for immigration facilities at the airports. If you are coming to India to stay on a long terms (for more than six months), it is compulsory for every expat to register with the FRRO office within 14 days of your arrival. If registration not done within 14 days of arrival, it may attract penalty. For Immigration assistance feel free to write to us at info@pmrelocations.com

Look See & Shopping Area :

Kolkata is the Cultural Capital of India and it is a wonderful place to enjoy and stay. Kolkata isd one of the cities completely ruled by the British Government, so you will find in many place there foot prints like in the old buildings in Dalhousie, Park Street ,Ahmerstreet, etc. Kolkata is also known as The City of Joy. There are two beautiful bridges across the river Ganga called the Vivekananda Setu and Ranbindra Sethu. There are historical places to be visited in Kolkata like Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, Birla Planetarium, Sahid Minar and many more.

On Shopping and Entertainment Part, Kolkata is one of the most affordable cities in India. Almost every area has local shops with plenty of street food and souvenirs to buy. Whether at the old markets of Chandni Chowk, New Market, Shyam Bazar, or Gariahat, people spend a substantial amount of time in shopping. The vibrant and exotic atmosphere of Kolkata markets can make shopping lots of fun but only when you know the ideal shopping destination that suits all pockets and catering the latest trend and culture. If you like us to assist you for look see and settling in services please write to us at info@pmrelocations.com

    Tips for living in Kolkata :

  • Local Transportation - The Traffic is most congested in Kolkata and it can be impossible and risky to drive at peak hours. There are various types of transport available like, Tram, Autoriskshaws, Taxis, and Metro etc. We suggest hiring taxi or Auto during peak hours which is a cheap option. Also we recommend living close to your work place as much as possible. Always negotiate first before for the destination fair before you hire the cab.
  • Get registered with a Doctor – We advice you to get a health insurance through private health insurance. Almost all reputed health insurance companies have tie up with good hospitals. Get registered with a doctor in your neighbourhood.
  • Be a savvy shopper - Get to know what locals pay for daily household needs, clothing or furniture. The prices are often different for locals vs. expats. Many people still believe all expats are rich and deserve to pay twice as much for what they want. Know what things cost and ask to the 'Local Pricing' for things.
  • Keep a power Backup - Sometimes with monsoons or high power demand the power can go out. Ask if your residence comes with a backup if not get one.