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Moving to Delhi

Planning to relocate to New Delhi? If so, you are at the right connect, a team of professionals that specializes in International Relocation services. You will be looked after here for your every need, and everything that is needed in order to settle down - packing and moving, home search, immigration services, FRRO registration, School Search and even City Orientation.

PM Relocations can assist you to plan your complete move to New Delhi or anywhere in India and make it a memorable experience. You can request for a free quote online as per your requirement.

General Information :

New Delhi is the National Capital of India and second largest city after Mumbai. It is one of fastest growing city and bustling metropolis that has an amazing mix of modernization with high rise offices, royal malls, hotels and carefully preserved antiquity such as Red Fort, Jantar Mantar, Old Delhi, Qutub Minar name a few.

Delhi as a biggest commercial center has attracted multinational companies taking advantage of its highly skilled labors and lower wages rate. The economy is largely comprised of information technology, Telecom, power and energy, medical and manufacturing. India has consistently made large improvements to its education, medical research and treatment, software development and infrastructure making it attractive and ideal for multinational companies to expand their businesses. Delhi has a population of over 17 millions in its province with the highest expat residents.

Gurgaon, which is approx eight kilometers from Indira Gandhi International Airport, is a modern suburb of Delhi. Multinational investors have built swanky office blocks, malls, multiplexes, hotels and amusement parks in this fast developing region.

Climate :

The climate of Delhi is a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical with high variation between summer and winter temperatures and precipitation. Summers are long and the weather is extremely hot from early April to mid-October, with the monsoon season in between. Winter starts in November and peaks in January. Although winters are generally mild, but it becomes extreme in January and temperatures can drop down to as low as 2–3 °C. Delhi is notorious for its heavy fogs during the winter season.

Summer - Max.45°C, Min.27°C

Winter - Max.25.5°C, Min.4°C

Monsoon - Max 35°C, Min 25°C

International Schools & Pre Schools :

We face a very tough time in deciding a good school for our kinds in new city. PM Relocations can assist you finding a suitable school for your kids. With so many choices Delhi has lots of good and reputed international schools and pre-schools with excellent facilities and groomed teachers. School sessions begin in April in India. Only thing is that you have to pay total fee since April if you seek admission in between the session. There are American School, British School, GD Goenka International, Pathways International on IB curriculum and various others that offer CBSE and ICSE curriculum .. For more details, you may write to us at info@pmrelocations.com

Immigration :

You will need a visa to enter and stay in India and the nature of that visa must suit your pursuits here. There is no provision of 'Visa on Arrival' in India and no fee is charged for immigration facilities at the airports. If you are coming to India to stay on a long terms (for more than six months), it is compulsory for every expat to register with the FRRO office within 14 days of your arrival. If registration not done within 14 days of arrival, it may attract penalty. For Immigration assistance feel free to write to us at info@pmrelocations.com

Look See & City orientation :

Delhi is a wonderful place to enjoy and enjoy a nice living. Delhi's streets are filled with historic sites, temples and structures left behind by numerous empires that had once laid claim to this magnificent city for centuries. 175 Monuments or locations listed on the Unesco World Heritage list lay within Delhi's streets. Delhi is a rich cultural city for good food ,great sightseeing experience ,and exploring new avenues. PMR consultant can become your guide to give you the complete experience.

On Shopping and Entertainment Part, Delhi is undoubtedly any shopaholic's delight and full of zeal and alive. Almost every area has a local shopping market with plenty of street food and souvenirs to buy. Whether at the old markets of Chandni Chowk, Connaught Place, Dilli Haat, or Lajpat Nagar, people spend a substantial amount of time in shopping. The vibrant and exotic atmosphere of Delhi markets can make shopping lots of fun but only when you know the ideal shopping destination that suits all pockets and catering the latest trend and culture.

If you like us to assist you for look see and settling in services please write to us at info@pmrelocations.com

    Tips for living in Delhi :

  • Local Transportation - Traffic can at time be impossible and risky and the use of taxis is a cheap option. Tell the driver your destination and negotiate your price upfront or ask to see their tariff card first. People who don't do this often get cheated on the fair.
  • Get registered with a Doctor – We advice you to get a health insurance through private health insurance. Almost all reputed health insurance companies have tie up with good hospitals. Get registered with a doctor in your neighbourhood.
  • Be a savvy shopper - Get to know what locals pay for daily household needs, clothing or furniture. The prices are often different for locals vs. expats. Many people still believe all expats are rich and deserve to pay twice as much for what they want. Know what things cost and ask to the 'Local Pricing' for things.
  • Hire a Cook - Look for a good Cook through some expat club who can cook food as per your taste as you may not like Indian as it is normally too spicy, where ever you go.
  • Build a networking - Join some Expat community to build your network so that you can contact them in if you need any kind of help.
  • Get A Grasp of the Local Lingo - Try to pick up some Hindi words and phrases which will draw appreciative smiles and also ease your passage through this mega polis. Complimenting someone in Hindi or greeting an Indian with "Namaste" instantly builds a rapport. English is widely understood and spoken in Delhi and getting around the city armed with just English will do the trick.

We will be happy to support you on settling in the new city, for packages, pl contact info@pmrelocations.com.