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When is the best time to move?

The busiest times for moving companies are during the summer months, May' 15th - September' 15th. At the end of these months, the volume of shipments is extremely heavy. This is the case for all professional moving companies.

Take all the factors into consideration when deciding on the best time for you to move. If you have some flexibility in your schedule, provide the moving company with a five-day notice so that the movers can fix up a right and acceptable schedule for you . If possible, be flexible with your destination timeframe as well. Keep in mind that there could be some unforeseen problem enroute due to weather and road conditions . If you stay flexible, it should make a difference.

How do I find a local agent or truck rental dealer?

In modern world just, browse through the search engine.

What happens when an estimator comes to my home?

The estimator will arrive at your home to complete the visual survey of your items. Once this is completed, the estimator will calculate the weight, packing cost and any other charge related to your move. Remember that the estimator must clearly see what you are moving in order to provide you with an accurate estimate. Crawl spaces, attics, and cluttered closets can be deceiving, so organize your house before the estimator arrives.

Don't be alarmed if the estimator goes through all your cabinets and closets or looks under beds and on top of cabinets. He or she must be able to see what is moving and possibly needs packing. If you know of items that are out of view, be certain to point them out to the estimator. If there are items you will be eliminating, be sure to point them out. One word of caution that can save you a great deal of trouble on loading day.

Get rid of all items you do not plan to move. Otherwise, there may not be enough space for your shipment. This will not occur on one or two small items, but if you anticipated eliminating an entire bedroom suite and do not do so, it is quite possible that this could violate the integrity of your binding estimate and/or cause the driver to run out of space.

When should I begin contacting moving companies for estimates?

Try to provide the moving companies with as much notice as possible, especially if you are moving during the busy season. Four weeks from the actual move, date is not too early for estimators to come into your home to complete what they refer to as a "visual survey of your household goods shipment". Add even more time to make a decision if you are obligated by your employer to submit estimates for approval. Try to decide which mover you will use ten days from your actual load day. Call the mover to confirm your booking and schedule your packing, loading, and delivery dates. This timeframe can be shortened in some cases.

How do I select which moving companies will provide me with a moving estimate?

To learn more about each company, ask your neighbours, friends, co-workers, and family members if they can make recommendations. Investigate each of the movers you select with the Better Business Bureau. Good service is the best measure of a good mover! Never trust the references provided by a mover.