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Living Room
Aquarium Arm chair
Baby's high chair Bar ( Portable )
Book Shelves Book Shelves-2
Cabinet Cane sofa set
Center Table Chair Straight
Chest of Drawer Coffee table
Computer components Day Bed
Doctor's Screen Easy Chair
Foot stool Grand father clock
Grand piano Hosterfield chest
Magazine Rack Music Cabinet
Pedestal Lamp Photograph console
Piano Stool Rocking chair
Rolls/Pad Rugs, Large Rolls/Pad Rugs, small
Secretarial Desk Side table
Small desk Sofa 1 Seater
Sofa 2 Seater Sofa 3 Seater
Sofa Loveseat Speaker
Stereo components T.V. Big
T.V. Console T.V. Small
Table davenport Table library
Telephone stand Upholstered chair
Upright Piano Window Airconditioner
Box, Large Corner Cabinet
Crockery Cabinet
Bed Room
Baby Carriage ( Folding ) Baby Cot
Bed Double Bed Double Box type
Bed Single Bed Single Box type
Bed, Single/Hollywood Big trunk
Bookshelves Box Large
Box Medium Box Small
Box Wardrobe Chair,Boudoir
Chest Rocker Dresser Ttriple
Dresser, Double Dresser, Single
Dresser/Vanity Bch Music Cabinet
Night Table Rug Large
Rug Small Sewing Machine ( foot)
Side Table Telephone table
Toys cabinet Medium Wardrobe Small
Wardrobe, Large Waste paper Basket
Writing table
Box Dish Pack Box large
Box Medium Box Small
Breakfast Suite Chairs Breakfast Table
Chair High Kitchen Cabinet
Serving Cart Stone Grinder
Stool Table
Utility Cabinet
Dining Room
Dining Chair Dining Table
Water Filter Tea Cart
Porch and Outdoor
Chairs, Metal Laddar, 8'Metal
Rug Large Table, Large
Soe Rack Lawn Mover, Power
Chairs Aluminium Outdoor Swings
Leaf Sweeper Table, Small
Motorcycle Vaccum cleaner
Cooler Lawn Mover, Hand
Glider or Settee Umbrella
Tool Chest Ladder, Extension
Garden Hose & Tools Bicycle
Picnic Table Outdoor Child Slide
Cloth Stand Outdoor Child Gym
Lawn Roller Outdoor Dry Racks
Ladder & Metal Scooter
Sled Power Tool Stand
Trash Can Office Desk
Card Table Fern/Plants Stands
Work Bench Box, Small
Tire with Rim Gas/Electric Heater
FilingCabinet 4 Door Utility table
Tire Wastepaper Basket
Clothes Basket Golf Bag
Filing Cabinet 2 doors Table, Game
Filing Caninet Cadboard Child's Wagon
Fan Suitcase
Sewing Machine Port Baby Carriage
Tackle Box Pool Table Comp.
Metel Shelves Footlockers
Box, Medium Toolchest, Small
Folding Chairs Clothes Hamper
Box, Large Toolchest, Medium
Table, Ping Pong Sewing Machine Console
Pool Stand Table Bicycle
Tricycle Sewing Machine with Cabinet
Power Tool Hand Toolchest. Large
Folding Cot Bowling Ball/Bag
Airconditioner Cooking Range
Cooking Range Diswasher
Espresso Machine Fridge 100 Lit
Fridge 165 Lit Fridge 200 Lit
Fridge Large Gas Stove
Microwave Oven Mixer/Grinder/ Blender
Oven Vacume Clener
Washing machine Water Dispenser
Sub Total(s) Volume Weight(KG *(6.5))
Sub Total Of Living Room : lbs
Sub Total Of Bed Room : lbs
Sub Total Of Kitchen : lbs
Sub Total Of Dinning Room : lbs
Sub Total Of Porch And Outdoor : lbs
Sub Total Of Miscellaneous : lbs
Sub Total Of Appliances : lbs
Total lbs
Valume: lbs    
Truck Size Cubic Feet Particulars

No Of Article :

Sub Total Of Living Room :

Sub Total Of Bed Room :

Sub Total Of Kitchen :

Sub Total Of Dinning Room :

Sub Total Of Porch And Outdoor :

Sub Total Of Miscellaneous :

Sub Total Of Appliances :

Total :

Add 20% Towards Packing And Stacking Volume

This calculator gives indicative idea and PM assumes no responsibility for it correctness, since the weight and volume depends on various factors . It's advisable to call PM Packers Survey specialist for correct weight / Volume.