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Information for Individuals :

  • The owner must be present in the country. The original passport must be presented to customs at the time of clearance of the goods.
  • Insurance value need not to be declared to the customs. Customs value is assessed at cost and depreciation is allowed for used goods. However Customs may not agree with your value.
  • Insisting for owner's presence is customs prerogative and can not be question. However in general custom is liberal.
  • Custom authorities may carry out a random check of the shipment. Items declared for duty are normally checked. If the goods is to be moved in a different city., local authorities may also check the shipment at the check posts.
  • Transfer of residence benefits can be granted to only one member of the family. Once this is facility is availed owner should stay in India for a minimum period of one year. However a letter of request for a short overseas visit and undertaking to return has to be furnished to custom authorities. Our office can provide the format for this request.
  • Custom clearance can be carried out at the port of entry.
  • Container cannot be taken to owner residence for destuffing as container are destuffed as soon the shipment arrives and kept in customs warehouse.