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Information for Moving Companies :

  • For destination near an inland container depot such as New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, please route on liner bill lading thru to inland container depot. This is advantageous and is cost saving.
  • All container except the diplomatic has to be destuffed at customs warehouse.
  • You must obtain owner's arrival date in India as there is a time limit.
  • Avoid NVOCC shipping as it may lead to delays in custom release and high NVOCC fees.
  • Air waybill/bill of loading is to be consigned in the name of the owner with the address of destination to avoid local entry taxes, wherever applicable, and notify address should be ours concerned Office.
  • All documents should be in English. Custom declaration forms is to be signed by the owner. Owner should contact us after arrival in India to have a smooth clearance.